Why is sawm important to muslims ?

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Why is sawm important to muslims ?

Sawm is the Arabic name of fasting and it refers to the Islam religion based culture. Sawm is very important for muslims. Question may arise that why sawm is important to muslims ? The holy Quran and Hadith clears the concept that why sawm is important to muslims.

According to the references of Quran & Hadith Islam is based on five pillars. These are :Kalima, Namaz ( Praying ), Sawm ( Fasting ), Hajj, Zakat ( Sharing the amount of wealth with poor people as described ). As in a tent five pillars are necessary so is in this case. Every pillar needs to be ensured by a Muslim. Kalima is the main pillar & other fours are equally necessary. According to the religion of Islam all these need to be done if he/she is to get the mercy and love of the Almighty. And since the main goal of a Muslim is to be dutiful to the Almighty, a Muslim can’t deny sawm.

As a person offering sawm restrain himself from any food or water from late night to the sunset, it helps them understand the situation of the poor who can’t have three times of meal a day. Besides, by offering sawm they get closer to the Almighty by getting his love & affection. There are benefits of keeping fasts too. And there are various scientific description that how sawm helps in bodily improvement.

Muslims mainly offer sawm in the month of Ramadan. In this month offering sawm is made compulsory in the religion of Islam for someone who is more that 13 years of age. But it is not compulsory if a person is very sick and is not in a state to offer sawm. There are a lot more descriptions about sawam’s importance in Quran & Hadith.

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