Why Do Muslims Celebrate Ramadan?

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Why Do Muslims Celebrate Ramadan?

More than a celebration, the Muslim world observes this event of Ramadan with much sacredness and in a serious tone. Muslims around the world are in one mind and one heart every ninth month of the Islamic calendar in order to observe intensely and religiously the Ramadan. The Ramadan is one event which all of the Muslims around the globe commemorate the special event which took place on the ninth month of the mentioned calendar of Islam, namely, the moment when the Holy Book, the Quran has finally been revealed to their revered and most loved Prophet Muhammad.

All the Muslim world consider this occasion as a time to be truly grateful to their Prophet Muhammad for accepting the tasks and challenges of the Holy Book for the greater glory of Allah and the welfare of mankind. This event of the Ramadan makes every single Muslim, young and old, male or female to reflect on the marvelous good deeds of Allah shown to them all through Prophet Muhammad as their venerable representative.

So what then are the primary things done by Muslims during Ramadan? First and foremost, they do fasting, engage with series of prayers which are usually chanted or sung, read their Holy, sacred Book, the Quran, do charitable works, and remember the sins they have done and ask for forgiveness from Allah. These acts of goodness enable them to feel good about themselves as they atone the wrongdoings they have committed against their neighbors and to Allah.

The sacrifices and other practices which most if not all of the Muslims worldwide do during Ramadan strengthens their camaraderie, restore broken ties, make them more generous and kind, humble and responsible in dealing with their families and neighbors. Indeed, Ramadan eventually will make them the best Muslims that they can be.

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