Why should racism be stopped?


Why should racism be stopped?

Racism is one of the most talked about issue all over the world and for the longest time. Unfortunately, even in this technologically advanced age racism still exists or else this article would not be needed. Racism is defined by The American Heritage College Dictionary as simply the ‘discrimination or prejudice based on race,.

Racism should be stopped for its obvious reason: it is bad, terrible, an appalling behavior in a society. People may have differences in terms of culture, skin color or belief, but those are not valid grounds for injustice and unfairness among the people.

What is awful about racism is that it creates lasting physiological and psychological effects to an individual and in a social group. It is just hard to imagine a person living in a stressful condition wherein everyday one feels being judged, harassed, and discriminated.

In its worst case scenario, the effect of racism can be harsher than ever imagine. There were cases that a group of people were forced to reside in a certain society wherein they experienced ill-treatment and was given unequal access to resources like education, security, and health. As a result, the discriminated group was demoralized and turned into a dysfunctional society. In addition to this, racism was transmitted from one generation to the next which resulted to the continuous exploitation and harassment of the discriminated people that historically started from the older age group.

Racism should be stopped because primarily each and every one of us have ‘human rights,, the indispensable rights and freedoms of every living individual. Every person have the right to live, reproduce, speak, study, work, and equality before the law just to name a few. We are all created by God. We should strive to live with each other in harmony and accept the differences that God has given each person, because these differences make us special and unique in our own way.

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  1. Nasra Jama

    November 24, 2012 1:35 pm

    That was very good! Honestly i have seen so much discrimination happending every single day and its not right. As you said everyone has the right to do anything and no one should be stoped of that regardless of the persons differences i’ve had enought of it .!

    Thanks for speaking out.. Hope people understand that it isn’t right


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