Why should the senate be abolished?

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Why should the senate be abolished?

Senate of Canada is a part of the Canadian Parliament. The other parts of the Parliament are House of Commons and Monarchy. Senate is the upper house of Parliament and house of commons is the lower house. No single body is dominant over the other. Approval of a bill should happen in both the houses for completing the legislation. For many years very few people in Canada supported the Senate or upper house of the Parliament. The upper house was supported by some group of politicians who get benefit from it. Recently, the Prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper has increased the Senate size by joining some more members of his choice. One among them is Jacques Demers, who was the Hockey coach previously. Jacques was reported to have announced in the public that he is illiterate. The Senate Chamber had 105 seats earlier and it was enhanced by the Prime Minister.

This addition has made the strength of Conservatives over Liberals which did not happen till now for many years. According to several people, this step was taken by the Prime Minister to confirm the chances of any legislative bill to be successfully and rapidly passed by the Senate. Harper was observed to be more interested to pass the bill regarding the Senate reform. He was found to be planning to pass two more bills before the House of Commons to reform the Senate permanently. The first was to extend their service to the age of 75. The other bill was to introduce a system which allows the Senate members to be elected by votes.

Many people do not want the Senate to be reformed but, abolish it. Though the senate members are knowledgeable and experienced, the decisions of the Senate members may not be nearer to the people as they were not elected by people. Most of the provinces have removed the upper bodies while Ottawa has not yet. If the Senate is reformed with elected people then each of the houses with a separate party will be another dead lock which will never be useful for the province. Abolishing the Senate is really difficult as it needs the approval from the total province. It might be difficult but, not an issue to be neglected.

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