Why was Eddie Cibrian fired from CSI?

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Why was Eddie Cibrian fired from CSI?

Derived from CSI or Crime Scene Investigation series, CSI Miami has become one of the most viewed shows in America. Launched last September 23, 2002, the show continues be aired in the United States from the partnership producers of Alliance Atlantis and CBS Television Studios and is now running its ninth season. Following the plot of the veteran series CSI, the crimes scenes and investigations are done in Miami. One of the characters of this series is Jesse Cardoza, who is portrayed by Eddie Cibrian. Eddie Cibrian is an American actor who earned his popularity after becoming part of the shows Third Watch and Ugly Betty.

Eddie Cibrian’s acting career was indeed filled with controversies. After getting married to Brandi Glanville in May of 2001 and having two sons, the couple separated last 2009. The reason for their separation was because of the rumors that Cibrian is having an affair with Leanne Rimes. After going public with Leanne Rimes, they also got divorced after a short while. This controversy may have posed a great impact on getting Eddie Cibrian fired from the CSI Miami series. Having been labeled as home wrecker by many fans, he was unfortunate enough not get his contract picked for the new season of the show. The producers and executives of the show decided not to pick his contract because Adam Rodriguez will be back in the show for good. Adam Rodriguez belonged to the original team of the CSI Miami and Eddie Cibrian just came in the picture when Adam Rodriguez had to leave the show for a while. With Adam Rodriguez’s return, they decided to focus the plot on the original team and thus, led the executives and producers to fire the show’s alternate cast, Eddie Cibrian.

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