Why Was Prohibition Repealed?

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Why Was Prohibition Repealed?

Prohibition in particular the United States of America generated a lot of support on the one hand and a lot of rejections on the other hand. The core of this so-called prohibition was to amend or to put into law the abolishment of alcoholic beverages. The end goal basically of this great abolition is to finally eradicate the many social problems such as poverty, crimes, murder, and many others.

The prohibition after it was passed in congress gathered a lot of supporters most especially those congressmen who are really concerned with the welfare of people in society. They certainly believe that if this prohibition is enacted into law, the ordinary citizens will definitely benefit from this and even those who are in the ‘Alta Sociedad,. Seemingly, liquor drinking has been the favorite past time of these ordinary people and the rich people alike which makes things worse. The younger generation are therefore following the wrong footsteps of the adults.

Since the youth are more energetic, having raging hormones, more risk takers and are fond of having brawls with their fellow youth, the society as a whole is eventually affected because of the many chaos caused by these youth offenders who are mostly drunk. The roads too became unsafe because of the fact that there are people who are driving even if they are under the influence of alcohol. Sudden death could have been avoided in the streets if this prohibition is enacted.

Now, why did this prohibition repealed and was not passed into law? The major reason was due to the businessmen behind these giant liquor companies who are giving a lot of monetary support to these congressmen and other lawmakers during election campaign. This is a sad reality which we must face. The lawmakers are simply under the control of these big liquor companies, thus making the prohibition repealed.

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