Why Was Reconstruction A Failure?

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Why Was Reconstruction A Failure?

After the Civil War was finished, the South has been reconstructed or recreated. During Abraham Lincoln’s presidency, reconstruction started. It was an approach of North America to reform the current structure of Southern America. However, some radicals think that the reconstruction is somewhat ineffective and they should seek other methods. After some time, the Presidential Reconstruction became Radical Reconstruction that made the claiming of statehood much difficult for the Southern Territories.

The plan had wonderful and great intentions like ending discriminations, rebuilding societies in the South and freeing slaves. As the historians take a look on it, reconstruction has become a terrible failure because of inequality between races, poor application of laws and inequality between races. For example, a conservative man in the government does not favor change. On the other hand, the Southerners are always trying to preserve traditional lifestyle. Giving the slaves a minimal opportunity in terms of economic made the reconstruction fail because as mentioned, freeing all slaves is the main purpose of the plan.

Inequality is a very big flaw within the reconstruction period. As long as it survives, the Southerners can be superior over the freemen. The people of the South have attempted to have more state power which led to ignoring the federal laws. This can be noticed when the federal government passed a law that the freemen and slaves won’t be able to vote because of particular reasons such as illiteracy. Many of the laws which are passed within the reconstruction period is commonly taken advantage of and ignored by South America. A large part of the slaves are Republican and they were the top supporters of the Reconstruction plan. The laws that aided the reconstruction have made secret organizations rise up. They are intended to commit crimes which are against the federal laws. Up until now, these organizations are widely spread and they still exist with great power.

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