Why was the Civil War Fought?

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Why was the Civil War Fought?

Many Americans kept on discussing about the beginning of the Civil war. Many people still do not believe that Civil war occurred because of slavery. People believe that the war happened keeping in view of the rights of the Southern nationals. The war was due to withdrawing of them from the Union. If the southern nationals had not fought for Independence, Lincoln would not have declared war against them. But it is evident from the history that the republicans would not have allowed the South to get separated in peace even if the confederacy had removed the slavery. The republicans wanted to keep the Union intact.
In 1861, the United States House of representatives passed a resolution stating that the North waged war against South not to eradicate slavery but to maintain integrity of the entire land. At the same time, Lincoln in his inaugural speech towards the congress in 1861, July 4th said that he has no interest in ceasing the slavery in the states where it still exists.
During the starting of his tenure, Lincoln was positive towards retaining the slavery. He even gave legal protection for the slavery to continue. But after two years he released an emancipation proclamation out of pressure from the republicans in the congress. It is believed that Lincoln issued the proclamation unwillingly and he meant emancipating the slaves in confederate region and not those in union-controlled region and those belonging to 5 union slave states.
The ‘Radical republicans’ who were part of the republicans believed that the civil war was raged to diminish slavery. There were also economical and political differences between the North and South which was the major reason to have been initiative for the Civil war. The tariff policy was not satisfactory to the South always and they were always complaining against it. The South did not like the unconstitutional economic policies of the North. The causes of the secession were mainly unjust economic policies by the North and hence the South wanted to be independent. Therefore civil war was fought.

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