Why Was the Constitution Written?

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Why Was the Constitution Written?

Written Constitution means a formal document which defines constitutional settlement nature. There are the rules that preside over the rights of people or citizens and over the political systems. There were created to put limits to the federal government powers.

It is important for a certain country to have a written constitution since without one, you will essentially be much unorganized and that people will never know if something that they can do or have is legal. If there is no written constitution then technically, there are also no laws. And, if there are no law, it can be very hard for people to charge jurisdictions to others for the wrong and worst things that they have done or they are about to do.

This is certainly the reason why written constitution was created in most countries across the globe. Constitution sets boundaries of a country’s morals, therefore if the constitution didn’t say that someone couldn’t live in your properties then they would not put even the tip of their toe on your property because they will probably face the challenges of doing so.

Most countries across the globe today are following a written constitution and it is obviously advantageous to most people regardless of their status. In this case, you don’t have to worry too much for what others can do to you and for the things that you can do especially if you are carried away with your emotions.

Without written constitution, people can freely do almost everything that they prefer; even killing others if it is what satisfies them. It is because there are no laws that they have to face. There are no laws that can keep them from doing such things and because there is nothing that they can face after doing it unlike if there are written constitution where everything that they will do against the law is equal to a punishment.

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