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Why do dogs eat Poop?

by JRay


Why do dogs eat poop?

Dogs do not have any idea about the nutritional content of the food that they eat so do not be surprised if you caught them eating poop. Their ancestors learned to live by scavenging ‘š so, whatever they can eat, they eat as long as they can get their stomachs full until the next meal that they can find. In fact, they would eat internal organs of other animals when they are in the wild so the poop should be nothing to them.

Another possible reason why your dogs actually eat poop is that they want to clean up their homes. If you keep them inside a kennel or somewhere confined, they would naturally want to keep it neat and clean because they would also sleep in that place. However, if you also scold them constantly when they would poop anywhere around the house, it could also be a possible reason why they eat it ‘š they want to avoid scolding and punishment so they erase evidence.

Dogs may also eat poop because they are not fed right. You may have failed to give them food at the right time or you just gave a small amount so in order to satisfy their hunger, they would rather eat their poop so that their stomach is filled. For puppies, there is also that sense of curiosity to try anything that gets in their way, just like human babies. If they see poop in front of them, they are not likely to know that it is actually feces and they would try to eat them to know how it tastes like.

If you are a careful dog owner, though, you must remember that poop contains waste, not minerals, so they should not be eaten back once they get out of the body already. Otherwise, it could be a reason why your dog becomes sick.Similar Posts: