Why do men cheat?

Why do men cheat?
There are many possible reasons why men would cheat on their partners, even if they have already tied the knots and even if they already have children to strengthen that bond.

According to experts, men have been biologically programmed to look for sexual varieties. Just think about it ‘š a man can produce an offspring in just a single act of sex but a woman can only see her child after nine months. Popular and high-profiled men, as we may have already seen in the news, are the most common proofs to this. They are nearer to temptation since women are generally attracted to these types of males.

Men usually complain that their girl friends or wives are not who they used to be anymore. Most of the times, these would point to the physical characteristics ‘š for example, the boobs had gone saggy, the tummy had gone flabby and the like. Sometimes, men also find out later on that their partners are the jealous type, the nagger type and have many complaints about the woman’s attitudes.

However, some males just love to cheat because of the thrill. According to them, cheating adds danger to their lives, which adds more excitement as well. Those who have married young may also want to explore and find another life other than the person that they are married to ‘š thus, they tend to look for another source of excitement. This may also be because of a boring sexual life with the partner. Sometimes, men could also cheat out of anger towards his wife or girl friend.

The last possible reason why a man would cheat is sex. Men generally want more sex compared to women and if their partner cannot give them what they want, they usually turn towards another who can give them that satisfaction.

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