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Why Do Men Remove Hats Indoors?

by maureen


Why Do Men Remove Hats Indoors?

Hats are important wear for most men. To some it is a collection. To some it is a fashion statement. It can also be a comfort wear. In whatever way it is useful; one thing men commonly practice is not wearing them indoors. What is the reason for this?

Men remove hats indoors for obvious and important reason. Obviously, hats are not needed indoors. There is no need for men to wear a hat when they are under a roof. Hats are protection to the heat, rain or sometimes debris when it is for functional use. Then, if you are inside a building wearing a hat is unnecessary. This reason may sound silly, but it is definitely sillier for a man to wear one indoors.

The important reason would be courtesy. Hats are usually worn by men and more commonly by young ones. Also, hats represent being sporty. It is more of a street wise fashion. Considering that, wearing a hat indoors shows a form of disrespect. It is a childish manner that men need to avoid.

Men also remove hats indoors due to traditional or cultural practice. By tradition men wear hats. But, even from way back in time, our ancestor takes their hats off when inside a building. If you notice on movies, men take their hats off and bow down to a person of significance. It is a sign of respect and honoring someone of a higher position.

In cultural reasons, there are existing conservative cultures. In this case, older people dislike wearing of hats when inside the house, especially when someone older is around. Men’s act of taking the hats off indoor, is a way of honoring the culture his elders practice for a long time. Men can wear a hat all they want, but they have to remember the golden rule of the hat.

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