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Why Does Reading make you Sleepy?

by joanna


Why Does Reading make you Sleepy?

Most of us have experienced this kind of feeling especially those who usually has a habit of reading before going to bed. On the other hand, there are those who get sleepy just by reading a few pages. In some cases, there are still those who never get tired from reading books whether during daytime or night time.

Reading can be an almost hypnotic action characterized by rhythmic eye movement, a relaxed physical position and a focused attention. When you’re in this state, your body becomes passive and your alertness decreases unless the topic that you’re reading requires you to use your mind like mathematical calculations, deductive thinking, reasoning etc. in this way, your body easily gets tired thus resulting in sleepiness.

So why do we feel sleepy whenever we read? There are a lot of possible reasons and here are some of them.

Are you a night person or a day person? There are persons who are more comfortable reading during the day while there are some who prefers to read during the night.

It may depend on the book that you are reading. Most of the time, the reason why we feel sleepy everytime we read a book, is because the topic might not be interesting to us. Boring materials can make you feel tired and make your eyesfeel a bit heavy causing fatigue and alerts your body to get some sleep. However, when you’re reading a book of your choice, your whole focus and attention is on the story. You’re looking forward to what going to happen next and you get excited.

Check your posture. Our posture contributes a lot to how we can focus on reading and avoid getting sleepy. Whenever you read, try to find a goodposition not in a relaxed state like lying down. Make sure that your eyes are in the correct position facing straight towards your book to avoid eye strain. A good reading light can also help maintain your focus on reading.

Reading is tiresome. Remember that mental work is 3 times more demanding than physical work.

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