Why is One of my Eyes red?

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Why is One of my Eyes red?

Red eye in medicine, also known as bloodshot eye”, often refer to the inflammation or swelling of the blood vessels in the sclera, or white part of the eye. The causes of red eye” are plenty. It can be due to excessive exposure to sun’s harmful UV rays, dry air, a contact with dust or other foreign bodies. Inflammation in the eyes can also be due to an allergic reaction, trauma, or infection.

It is important to know the possible agents that may trigger the redness in the eye in order to provide proper treatment. But, before treating a red eye, one needs to know the severity of the eye’s condition.

There are red eyes” which are considered mild and can easily be dealt with like the ones caused by coughing or straining which are common. While there is a manifestation of blood spot in the eye, one should not worry as long as the affected eye is not hurting. This kind of red eye” will heal on its own given a week or two. However, if the redness takes more than a couple of days, it is important to consider the advice of a doctor in order to determine the primary cause of the eye’s redness.

There are red eyes” that need expert medical attention especially when the affected eye is in pain, produces discharge, itchy, or having difficulty in sight like the ones caused by an infection or irritation. Blepharitis, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer, and uveitis are few of the eye conditions that may cause redness and require a doctor’s expertise in order to cure the affected area.

Other causes of red eye” are cold, allergies, misuse of blood thinning medicines, excessive use of eye contacts, corneal scratches from sand or dust, chemical exposure, direct wound to the eye or eyelid, and acute glaucoma ‒ the abrupt increase in eye pressure which is awfully painful and can produce severe visual disorder.

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