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Why Is Number 13 Unlucky?

Why Is Number 13 Unlucky?

The number 13 had been a favorite topic among those that has an interest on the supernatural. They would insist that the number is closely linked with bad luck and those that are associated with the number may have some bad experiences. One of the myths that surround the number 13 is the famous last supper. There were 13 people present, Jesus and his twelve disciples. He said that out of those 12, one would betray him.

On the modern world Friday the 13th is considered as a very unlucky day. On this day people would think that if they are not careful, something bad might happen to them. The reason behind this superstition is the belief that Christ died on the cross during a Friday. Whether this is a fact or not, historians and experts were not able to give sufficient reports to support the claim.

In Norse mythology there were 12 gods and the 13th god was considered as the God of mischief and malice (Loki). He would then attend the banquet just to cause mayhem and at one time helped in killing a god.

Many people think that the number 13 shouldn’t be considered as an unlucky number. On the contrary, some people and other cultures support the number and consider it as a lucky number. The number 13 in some countries means the coming of age or entering adulthood. People would then celebrate this joyous occasion and congratulate those that have reached this stage in life.

People born during the 13th of each month and accidentally celebrates their birthday on a Friday, says that they really loved the number. They even say that all the things about the number 13, is just superstition and myths that had been passed down through the generations.

Still, the majority still thinks that 13 is still a very unlucky number. Only a few believe that the number is not a bringer of bad luck.

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  1. I personally love the number 13. I was born on September 13 and have the roman numeral “XIII” tattooed on my right wrist. It has been a very significant number in my life and I’m always glad to see it in movies and culture.

    There’s also the superstition of the 13th Floor at most hotels that doesn’t exist out of bad things happening.

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