Reasons why Alcohol is BAD for your health?

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alcohol-428392_640Why Alcohol is BAD for your health?

We know that drinking too much alcohol can be very bad to our health but despite of this, the population of alcohol drinkers are still rapidly growing. In a recent study done by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, almost 80% of high school students have been exposed to drinking alcohol.

The bad effects of constant alcohol abuse are very obvious and deciding whether to drink is always a personal choice.

· Alcohol is a depressant. Small amounts can make you feel relaxed but excessive intake can slow the function of the central nervous system.

· Alcohol changes the way your mind and your body work. It alters a person’s perceptions, emotions, movement, vision and hearing. It slows down your reactions and confuses your thinking. It makes it harder to control your muscles, mind and mouth. Overuse of this can make people stagger, lose their coordination and slur their speech.

· Alcohol is addictive. This disease is called ‘Alcoholism,. Those people who started drinking while they’re young are more prone to this disease. Usually, they undergo various symptoms of alcohol withdrawal whenever they try to stop drinking.

· Alcohol poisoning can result from excessive alcohol drinking. It occurs when the body has become poisoned by the large amounts of alcohol. It may result to violent vomiting, extreme sleepiness, dangerously low blood sugar, unconsciousness, seizures, difficulty in breathing and can sometimes lead to death.

· It can lead to various health problems. It can damage your stomach by developing ulcers that can lead to internal bleeding, liver by developing Cirrhosis which disables your liver function, kidneys and many other organs. Excessive drinking may also cause many types of cancer due to the organic chemical known as Acetaldehyde which is a well known carcinogen found in cigarette tobacco that can cause massive DNA damage.

· It can give you bad skin.

· It contributes to faster memory loss.

· Alcohol can give you bad breath.

· It can cause weight problems because alcohol has a lot of calories.

· Whenever you’re drunk, you are prone to many types of accidents and abuse such as sexual abuse, robbery, or physical abuse.

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