Why do Men Have Affairs?

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Why do Men Have Affairs?

Unfortunately there are many different reasons for men to have affairs. The main motive possibly is that men are constantly bombarded with images of women being nothing more than objects of sex, and affairs, especially those with beautiful sexy women, are paraded in front of their faces constantly, as if to say, This could be you! The issue is with the system ‘š men are told that the best lives have many beautiful and sexy women all the time, and women constantly struggle to achieve such an image. But women have affairs too; they are just better at it. They just have better ways of keeping it secret; they have an agenda for it, a plan.

Men, however, are much less able to keep it secret, because they oftentimes want to talk about their sexual prowess, their successes. First and foremost, men who have affairs want more sex. This could be because they are unsatisfied in their own relationship, for whatever reasons, or lack thereof. Also, they could just want more variety in their sexual endeavors ‘š if this is the case, they would have sex with multiple partners, or prefer new settings each times, such as role-playing, or using various hotel rooms. Other reasons are because through affairs, men can feel special and attractive to the opposite sex, especially if their home life is less than exciting.

Other reasons are to feel young again, for the ability to chase women and if sex comes along with that, well, the simply cannot refuse. Men will also have affairs to sabotage their relationships with their wives or girlfriends, because they cannot approach the subject and speak freely about their emotions, because society has such a taboo on men being ‘weak’ if they talk about their emotions. Men will have affairs to get out of relationships, or even to get back at their partners. Unfortunately, for whatever reason that it is done, affairs will undoubtedly hurt someone.

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