Why Do Breasts Get Sore?

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Why Do Breasts Get Sore?

The breasts are parts of the mammal’s body both in male and female. In human, a girl or woman’s breast is more prominent than men. Breasts begin to enlarge in the onset of puberty in females and are set to be milk-producing glands for lactation of an off-spring.

Breasts develop in females between ages 10-14 during puberty. Puberty is the stage wherein a boy or a girl becomes prepared for sexual maturity. It is during this phase that parts of the body have physical changes and develop in preparation for its reproductive years.

As for girls or women, the breast as part of the mammary gland grows in size or enlarge compared to males. An enlarged breast for males is a rare kind known as gynecomastia. The breast is made up of fat and other tissues that surround the nerves, blood vessels and milk ducts. But for a woman there are times when one feels the soreness of the breasts. Why is this so?

The girl first feels the soreness of the breast on the onset of breast development, during puberty. As the breast starts to develop, the soreness is inevitable as such growth can cause enlargement of this area. Second would be during pre-menstrual phase and during menstruation. This happens because the body produces hormones like estrogen and progesterone. The soreness is felt every menstrual period of a woman in her reproductive years. Third, why breast gets sore is when pregnancy sets in as the first sign of pregnancy is the swelling of the breast as it adapts for its purpose in milk production and lactation.

If you wanted to feel relieved from the soreness during the menstrual period, it actually subsides as your menstruation ends. Other than that your best alternative to lessen the ache is a healthy diet, exercise and enough sleep during this phase. Everything is in natural occurrence, stay and adapt healthy habits to cope well with these bodily changes.

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