Why do Clothes stick together in the Dryer?

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Why do Clothes stick together in the Dryer?

One of the more tedious chores that someone will ever have to do around the house has to be doing laundry. It really is not all that difficult to do even if you have a lot of clothes to wash, but the process takes a long time and there is a lot of back and forth involved from one machine to the next. The one thing that I am kind of embarrassed to talk about regarding basic chores that need to be done is the fact that I, myself, have never in my life done a load of laundry for myself or anyone else, so I really cannot speak on the topic from personal experience, but I have seen quite a few people have to go through it and it definitely does not look like a lot of fun.

One of the things that tends to drive people a little crazy when they are doing the laundry is the fact that when the clothes are coming out of the dryer they tend to get stuck together and are somewhat difficult to pry apart at times. This grip that the clothes have on each other is caused by static electricity. We all have had our experiences with static electricity while walking across a rug or something like that. It can cause quite the shock if you rub your feet in the just right away on the rug and touch someone’s skin afterward. The same thing applies to the clothing where the static electricity bonds the clothes together in a pretty strong form of energy.

Static electricity is something that has always been somewhat of an enigma for me in how it works and how it is formed throughout the atmosphere. It is actually very powerful if combined in large quantities, but for the most part we only see it in small doses. Either way, having it stick our clothes together when they come out of the dryer is never anything to look forward to. It tends to be an additional chore in addition to the one we are already performing.

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