Why do Cookies come out Flat?

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Why do Cookies come out Flat?

There are many speculations as to why cookies come out flat. Flat cookies are okay but somehow when cookies are little puffed, it’s more mouth-watering. Below are the following reasons that will give you an idea behind this ‘cookie flatness, anonymity.
First thing to consider are the ingredients, what is hot and what is not. Well, obviously choose only the freshest and more approriate ingredients. Make sure that you opt for butter and not margarine; buttermilk instead of plain milk; butter or oil instead of shortening or lard. Also, be sure that your flour and baking soda are fresh, don’t settle for poor quality because these two ingredients have a lot do to make your cookies look and tastes better.
Secondly, are the measurements or proper amount of each ingredients. Well, for most baking and cooking, measuring cups and spoons are necessary for excellent results. So, do the same when you are baking cookies. The amount of baking soda plays a big role in making a cookie flat or puff. Too much water or liquid will obviously affect the outcome of the cookie.
Third important thing to consider is the process it self. Here is what you can do, chill the dough first for at least 1 Ã’šÃ‚½ hour. Don’t grease the pan, if you want to dissolve the butter, do it on a seperate container. Pre-heat the oven so that the outside part of the cookie is baked swiftly. After the outside part has set, you can now lower the oven temperature to finish baking the inside of the cookie. Allow the pan to cool off before baking another batch of cookies. These tips will refrain the cookies to spread, if you hesitate to follow any of these tips, then most likely the cookies you will bake will come out flat.

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