Why do Europeans smoke?

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The Europeans are found to smoke more than the Americans smoke. This is confirmed by looking at the statistics taken on the smokers in the United States by the U.S. National Survey of Drug Use and Health in 1994. The data in Europe was taken from the files available at the World Health Organization and the Eurobarometer Survey carried out in 1994. The reason for the Europeans to smoke was explained to have come from the factors such as income, prices, and beliefs. The data that is generated includes the statistics associated with education, income, and beliefs in smoking, price, and the national survey on cigarette smoking. Europeans are found to casually smoke when they are conversing with their friends very often. Socializing in the evening times is a part of the European culture and, hence, the cultural practice has smoking embedded in it.

Smoking is carried out by people who are earning more. It is a general opinion that cigarette smoking is dangerous and it reduces the lifespan of the smokers. People having this opinion will smoke less or may not smoke at all. According to the statistics, about 91 per cent of the people in European countries, such as Finland and Norway, believe that smoking causes cancer and it is dangerous. But in countries like Germany, people are the least concerned about the association of the health risks with smoking. It was statistically estimated that about 73 per cent of people feel that smoking causes cancer.

Smoking has become a burden for the state social welfare systems as the diseases related to smoking cost more than $100 billion per year. In Austria, one member out of every two teenagers and two adults are found to be smoking. The love for cigarettes by the Europeans is considered to be dating back since the 19th century. The Europeans do not have legal and cultural pressures against smoking compared to the United States. Hence, Europeans smoke more often.

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