Why is American Chopper Ending?

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Why is American Chopper Ending?

Not many people are shocked that American Chopper has finally been cancelled, what with the family feuds and one of the Teutuls simply walking off the show and out of the shop, disappearing to do whatever they may. The show simply had not been up to its standards for the past few seasons, despite an impressive run for the first four seasons.

American Chopper was about the former Marine Paul Teutul Sr. and his sons, as they ran their Orange County Choppers business. The relationship between Paul and his sons, Paul Jr. and Mikey provided the comic relief for the show, but unfortunately the regular occurring arguments escalating too often to full fist fights were all too real, even though the show made them seem so fake and funny ‘š perhaps yet another casualty of the desensitized American population.

Paul Sr. had even filed a lawsuit against Paul Jr. for over one million dollars, over the ownership of the business. They co-founded the shop, but there was, according to Senior, a deal struck that he could eventually purchase his son’s stock options, for full ownership, and apparently, Junior won’t give them up. Senior is hoping for the million on top of the Judge’s orders that he also sell the stocks.

On the sixth season premiere, there was an argument of between Paul Jr. and Sr. over Jr.’s contract, and afterwards, he was terminated, and left the show. He returned a few episodes later, but many classic arguments followed, and he left again, this time for good.

Many people are very sad to see the show finally cancelled, but others are thinking that the time is long overdue, that the show had been going down the drain for years, and that there is no better time for the show to end.

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