Why do Quarterbacks lick their Fingers?

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Why do Quarterbacks lick their Fingers?

A lot of people had been asking this question and the closest explanation to this question is about ‘GRIP,. Quarterbacks lick their fingers to have a firm grip on the ball. Some quarterbacks use sweat for the same effect. Quarterbacks are the leader of the offensive team. The term quarterback was originally called ‘blocking black, and was later changed to ‘quarterbacks or QB’s,. They are the ones that call the plays and make strategies for a successful ‘touchdown,.

Quarterback’s is probably the most important person in the field of every game. Since every play starts with a ‘snap, on which the ball is passed to the quarterback. They tend to touch the ball whether briefly or for a long period of time, for every play done in the field. This gives them the responsibility and opportunity to give it to one of the offensive players in his team, once the ‘scramble, starts.

Since they are the ones that initiate the play, grip is the most important factor in quarterbacks. Whether they will go for the pass, or run with the ball themselves. Saliva can give the fingers enough moisture for a firmer grip (according to the experts). This is especially true during cold games on which the ball gets harder to grip. Grip is an important factor in making passes, even long passes requires a strong grip for a successful throw. That is the most important thing a quarterback must do in football.

Whether Quarterbacks do this for grip, for a bit of luck and for other reasons, the most important factor is making a successful play. Once a good play is initiated and led to a successful touchdown, everything is worth it. Everyone will be happy with the results and as for the Quarterbacks, it is finger licking good.

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