Why does Urine smell after eating Asparagus?

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Why does Urine smell after eating Asparagus?

Not everyone that eats asparagus, experiences a change on the smell of their urine. You have nothing to worry about because these changes won’t harm your body. It is just our natural way of digesting the food we eat and distributing it to the parts that needed those nutrients.

Asparagus is one of the healthiest vegetable that we can get our hands on. Of course, you already know the consequences. The smell comes from sulfur containing amino acids that is present in asparagus. The surprising fact about asparagus is that, the effects can happen within 15-30 minutes of ingestion. It means that if you happen to urinate after eating asparagus, there is a high chance that you will instantly ‘smell, the difference.

Most people don’t seem to smell the changes in their own urine and other people ‘smell, it for them. There has been a debate over the years whether genes or the person’s own digestion is responsible for the breakdown of nutrients in asparagus that causes the ‘pungent, smell.
But it seems that the real theory is that ‘some, people are genetically capable of smelling the effects of asparagus, while others don’t. This theory is not yet proven and is subjected to more research on the part of scientists.

Some experts states that the chemicals present in asparagus like methyl mercaptan and asparagine is responsible for the smell when you eat asparagus. Methyl mercaptan is a colorless gas that is found in eggs, cheese, garlic, feces and even blood. Asparagine on the other hand is present on foods like seafood and dairy products. This amino acid is known to give a different smell when subjected to heat. When these acids and gas is mixed through digestion, it can create a smell that experts believe is the cause of the smell when you eat asparagus.

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