Why is patriotism important

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Why is patriotism important

The term “patriotism” is simply defined in dictionaries as the love of one’s country’. But in actuality, it takes more than just the love that drives heroes like Sir William Wallace (Scotland), Dr. Jose Rizal (Philippines), Nelson Mandella (South Africa), Abraham Lincoln (United States of America), Mahatma Gandhi (India), and many others who have sacrificed so much of their life and efforts in order to make their country a better place to live in for their fellow citizen.

The overflowing emotion of patriotism is more evident during the war times or at times of crisis (example 9/11 tragedy and other calamities). At peace, the people are expected to keep hold of the same feeling of concern and loyalty towards their country and fellowmen.

Without patriotism, nations will still be in chaos. People will be enslaved by other countries and deprived of their freedom. Patriotism is the glue that unites a country. It is important because it allows people to appreciate the efforts done by the heroes before them in order to attain the freedom that most countries are enjoying nowadays.

Patriotism allows a nation to take pride of the country’s past, present, and future achievements. And in doing so, it allows the public to always strive for progress, encourages citizens to take part in the nation’s decision making, and helps in maintaining peace within the country as well as fighting the various issues that threatens it.

However, one should consider that patriotism does not end in respecting the flag, affirming the pledge of allegiance, or even supporting the government and its policies. A patriot is concerned with the nation’s advancement in general, which means that he is able to identify the things that hinder a nation’s growth and development, in addition to the willingness and exerting selfless effort to make a change.

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