Why is soil so important?

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Soil is not just dirt, it is something that is critical for our survival. Soil plays a part in the ecosystem that is very important and some would say crucial for life. Soil acts as a water filter to our plant life and of course helps our plants to grow. Without soil we have no plants, and without plants we have no life. Ã’šÃ‚ The plants that we have as part of our eco system is what helps to provide us with the oxygen that we need in order to survive, so one can easily see why soil is so important to life as we know it.

When you think about the food that you consume, a lot of the food is grown in soil as well. If we had no soil, where would we get our fresh and healthy food from? The soil in the ground around us acts as a platform for the plant life to grow. It will also act as a water filter. The presence of water filter such as soil makes sure that the plants will get enough water, but not too much. Too much water would drain and drown the plant and thus killing them. The soil helps to prevent that from happening.

Soil is the source of many things that help us to maintain life, from the plants it helps to grow to being part of the diverse ecosystem. Many of the plants that are grown in soil are often used for medical purposes such as fighting disease. Without soil, once again our life would be non- existent. So the next time you are holding some soil in your hands, keep in mind that soil is not just dirt. In your hands is the key to life, and that is soil.

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