Why Is Life So Boring?


Why Is Life So Boring?

As the famous line goes ‘Life is what you make it’., Indeed true. Life takes different facets; your life will never be the same as your siblings or your peers. A girl or a boy may take the same developmental growth and developmental stages but no two lives are exactly the same. There may be similarities but not totally the same, as they say your life on earth is unique.

But why do some people consider it as boring? Why does it seem that waking up another morning tires some people right away? Why do others don’t have energy to get through the day? Why are they simply bored?

With the description earlier on what life is, it is never boring. It something exciting and something you can look forward to. Life is unpredictable as change is what’s permanent in life. The different aspects in life like the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological, the changes in it, makes life more interesting to live in. The discovery of new things in these aspects and how a person or persons you know react to these changes makes it even more interesting. Life is ever dynamic.

But boredom sets in, when things become in routine. You do same things everyday and don’t find meaning to what you’re doing. You lose the drive and the goal as to why you intend to do all those things. When one is not motivated, he gets easily tired and ends up getting bored. Boredom also happens when one is burnt out from work or even in relationships.

Life should be a celebration. In celebrating life, you maximize your potentials and you aspire to do best in everything. Get motivated and work on a goal. Reward yourself for things you have achieved. From time to time, never be afraid to try something new. It adds spice to life and keeps you away from boredom. Life is what you make it, and you can choose to make it exciting or boring. You have the choice.

Author: maureen

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  1. rod

    March 9, 2011 10:59 pm

    interesting-my ex wife said to me,your boring! so i said to her, why are blaming me for a condition in you,so get of your fundermental orifice and do something interesting. wow!

  2. Emily

    May 1, 2011 8:48 pm

    If it’s so easy to make life interesting, answer me – what is the goal? There is none. Well, perhaps it could be “to make the best of the time we are given” but it’s kinda dull since you can choose whether you want to make the best of it or not. Some people, like me, are too lazy and get tired too easily to do a lot, I’m already tired enough of what I do every day. I just wish I could sleep a little more, that’s probably the only thing I want. However, as a part of humanity and as individuals there is no goal. Our kind is prospering, although, with problems but that’s okay since there’s already too much of us. And as individuals – well, there is no goal either. Enjoy your time, try to use your potential if you have enough motivation and that’s probably it. All that physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological stuff isn’t really necessary, It’s just additional stress and I can leave with only peace if I have to give up happiness. Life is beautiful. So beautiful that it’s boring. For me at least.
    Let’s take an example – there are people in Africa whose lives are quite horrid. As a good person and as an individual I could try to do something about it like others do – charity and support and stuff, but then again that way I might lose the peacufullness of the life I have now. Anyway what I’m trying to say is that it’s annoying that life will pass by like this and we can do nothing, life cannot gain weight, only a load of memories to carry with you, although, you can also live without them quite well. There is no real point in being alive. Do not worry I’m not going to commit suicide and I also think it’s wrong to do so. In my opinion – if you are born, you must live, even if it’s boring, but still, it still irritates me that nothing can be done about it. Oh I want to write more – some people might say that I should find a hobby. There are no interesting hobbies. Sports – well, okay you do them and then what? With my body there is no way I would ever achieve something and, hell no, I don’t even want to be an athlete. Animals or travelling – you’ll travel the world and then what? Tell stories to your granchildren? C’mon you can read anything and everything in books. The sun shines the same everywhere. The people are still of your kind everywhere in the world no matter how they look. The temperature and the vegetation might vary but why would that matter. It’s not like you have to survive anymore. You have a warm home and an air-conditioner and the food store is just behind the corner, then the animals. What about them? Well, they are animals. Want to know everything about them? And then you’ll feel so cool knowing everything? What’s the point of feeling cool all by yourself. Well, you can try telling the world but I doubt someone would really care. I love the wind and smell of fresh grass, I love the rain and the sound of thunder, I love butterflies and the clouds fleeting above me. I love the Earth. As a human I am a threat to the planet but I also have to be aware of myself being a human which means that I MUST be a threat because that is why I was born. Hobbies and forming a family are all threats. Being a human is threat to the world I love so much. Oh I’m starting to write nonsense. better stop.

    • hearea

      April 27, 2012 12:33 am

      Dude, i’m totally with you there. Back in high school days I wrote this short article:

      Us humans are like parasites …
      For so long, we believed that we are created by Gods, or that we are
      the divine beings. Thanks to science and the Evolution, we know the
      truth about our origin, that, unlike what the myths tell us, we are
      not any favored species, that, we came from the same place as any
      other creatures in the Earth.

      Still, human is the superior species, because as we are winners of the
      survival of the fittest, we have proven ourselves to be the most
      suitable and strongest race in the world. We deserve to live our ways

      There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s all good.


      Sometimes, I can’t help but think that, we are not really wanted or
      welcomed to exist here at all.
      The universe doesn’t want us.
      The Earth doesn’t want us.
      Why? Because, to the Earth, we are nothing but parasites to her.

      Isn’t it obvious? We came out of no where and made the Earth become a
      place for ourselves, as if it was made for us. And in order to live
      and satisfy our needs and desires, we keep draining and s_u_c_k_ing
      everything out of the Earth. We try to get every little minerals she
      has. We burn and level the woods. We made the atmosphere thiner and
      thiner. And the list goes on.

      She fights back sometimes though, by causing disasters like earth
      quakes or typhoons etc, but that’s all she can do. Nothing can stop
      us, because we dominate the world, except us human ourselves. So,
      yeah, we try to heal the Earth too. But it’s just so we can s_u_c_k
      from her more, like how we feed a pig to get it big, so we can eat it
      better. We use beautiful words to conceal our dirty deeds, but a truth
      no one can deny is that, to the Earth herself, we humans are nothing
      more than parasites.

      Sometimes, I wonder, maybe the Earth would be a so much better places
      if humans were cease to exist. It would be an ideal equal world, so
      much fresher, cleaner, and safer, for there’d no longer be any total
      annihilation threads by nuclear weapons.


      All those who read it back then call me nuts and all that. Not to mention I live Vietnam, in a poor country which is trying to copy everything the USA way. So for a while there, I though so too cuz it felt like it’s just me against the world. But now it’s good to know that we are not lonely in this matter:


      Hmm, live goes on.

      • Emily

        April 27, 2012 2:17 pm

        I understand what you mean. I am also from a country that is only prosperous in name and the actual situation doesn’t fit the impression so many here do not understand my views. Also, thank you for that link, I don’t feel so lonely in my views anymore. So there are actually people who have come to the same conclusion. I on the other hand recently made a presentation about planetary patriotism because I think that part of the problem is that people are too subjective in their view of the world but it seems humanity isn’t ready for these ideas.

  3. lol

    July 3, 2011 7:22 am


    In life it’s all about the money if the money run out then you are in trouble
    beacuse with out money you can’t do nothing these days.

    even if you find something fun to do , soon it will become boring……….once again you are bored

    most of the things we do in life is the same , i have done so much in my life and it feels like that’s it, that theres nothing that I haven’t done

  4. Dull

    November 22, 2012 11:12 am

    Life is unpredictable? I can tell you what happens tomorrow in my life, which is totally out of my control. I won’t get hired in a field I studied in college.


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