Why is Teenage Pregnancy a problem?

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Why is Teenage Pregnancy a problem?

The most important critical aspect of pregnancies faced by people in America is teenage pregnancy. The pregnancy that occurs in those teenage girls who were not married is really an issue that can undermine the country. It might reduce the teen births. It is reported that every year, 1 million American teenagers were found to become pregnant. Nearly 1, 75, 000 pregnant teenagers are giving birth to their first child. The rate of teen pregnancy in the United States was high in the Western World.

The pregnancy of the teenagers is a serious thing that has to be cautioned on. The pregnant teenagers would not have completed their high school yet and they are also not married. The teenagers who become pregnant will have very poor health, slow cognitive development, and have less than expected behavioral problems. The teenage girls will lose their childhood and their golden future by becoming pregnant at that age. They retrograde from becoming productive adults. The teenagers will lose their children as well as their grand children.

The teenage pregnancy was known to cost the people who are paying tax by about $6.9 billion. The people have to face the consequences of teenage pregnancy by spending more on public assistance, criminal justice system, foster care and health care. The burden of teenage pregnancy has become a large problem to United States as it is very difficult to afford.

The British government also considers the teenage pregnancy as a social problem and problem of public health. Now, social exclusion is considered as the consequence of early pregnancy. If the morality issues are brought into picture teenage pregnancies will not be decreased. Social exclusion is a correct solution to avoid teenage pregnancy as it increases the chances of the young mother to get educated and get employed.

The well being of the child and decrease in child poverty will be the consequences of avoiding the teenage pregnancy. The child, mother and the society will have to face serious results due to teenage pregnancy.

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