Why is Twitter So Popular?

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Why is Twitter So Popular?

Twitter is one of the social networking sites apart from face book. This site has grown incredibly fast and has managed to connect so many young people initially. Now, it is been used by the people of all ages. More than 11 percent of users of twitter site were found to be belonging to the age group of 11 to 17 years. Twitter is used mostly to exchange few words whether the person is at the office or at the shopping location or at home. The messages sent through twitter are usually used for conversing with small information unlike in face book where long chats are possible. There is a 140 word limit available at twitter.

Twitter is a medium through which the latest news updates are obtained without actually switching on the television. There are so many people online with twitter to post messages which reach lot of audience. The sports news can be known by twitter feeds from the organizations like NFL, MLB and NBA.

There is an option in twitter to screen all the unnecessary news from the entire feeds and tune into the news which interests you. This can be done by twitter aggregator. By using this option, the search for the topics can be done by filtering. The filtering can be done depending on the keywords and tags. It is possible to initiate a discussion on a topic in twitter. You can make many people to join your group and perform free advertising of your product.

Many companies do large businesses in twitter. The companies will be ready to give links to the new information on the novel products, sales announcements, websites and coupons. Twitter is also considered by the employers as a comfortable platform to advertise for the vacancy. This would cost very low compared to the one advertised on usual boards.

As days are going by, the users of twitter are increasing exponentially. Twitter is as popular as it will allow you to get connected with few thousands of millions of people at a time in a cheap manner.

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