Why is Vuze so slow?

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Why is Vuze so slow?

Previously known as Azureus, Vuze is a computer program that allows users to download and upload files directly from the web. This computer program is popularly known as the BitTorrent client. Written in the most common language used in programming called Java, Vuze allows users to share multiple web addresses known as torrents. Aside from that, this program has features that allow web users to publish contents, export media, browse and download movies, shows and videos, and chat with friends. Released in 2003 as Azureus, it later changed its name to Vuze in an attempt to innovate clients into socially involved individuals.

It is not surprising that the number of people using Vuze computer program is widely spread throughout the globe. The reign of technology is at its height that almost all people want to be updated of what going on in all parts of the world. The trend continues to proliferate without the number of Vuze users getting slimmer. However, many have already been complaining of the rate of speed in using Vuze. Many have claimed that it has gone slower over the times and many have been questioning of the reason behind this problem.

Vuze’s one major drawback is its speed. Based on the BitTorrent protocol, the speed at which a download can be completed highly depends on the number of users downloading the same file. Another factor that affects the program’s speed is the bandwidth. Bandwidth is defined as the amount of information that can be transferred in a given rate over an available connection. If the bandwidth is too limited, then the tendency for the download to be completed in a slow pace is greater. Thus, Vuze is in dire need of speeding up to meet the demands of its users.

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