Why Should English Be The Official Language?

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Why Should English Be The Official Language?

For the purposes of peace, at one point during his leadership, Theodore Roosevelt said that the United States must have one official language and that is the English dialect so that every person residing in the country can communicate with everybody else. Decades after, this peaceful statement was tainted and made into a ruckus. Immigrants from other countries have seen this as something discriminatory and because of that, they have decided not to teach their children to speak English and they have not practiced it as well.

In the end, those who were close minded to the fact that one language is needed for the prosperity of all did not succeed in life. They had problems with their employers and jobs; their kids had trouble learning in school and miscommunication has led to racist issues.

All over the world, English is the official language of at least 50 countries but that list does not include United States when in fact, majority of the people living there are pure English speakers. It was a debated fact by senators of different races ‘š if English should be their official language. Politics is in the game world and getting into it will not resolve anything however, if only people were understanding enough, here are some valid reasons why English should be the official language in the United States:

1. English as an official language promotes unity. If everyone living in the United States can speak one language that can be understood by everyone, young and old alike, then, communication would be smooth.
2. English as an official language empowers people of different races other than pure American Caucasians or the natives of the U.S. If immigrants learn to speak English, they can get better jobs with better pay. They will be easy to talk to and easy to talk with plus their learning or their education will not be limited. The fact that they speak two or more languages is a great advantage for them.

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