Why is English important?

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Why is English important?

English language is important as it is the common language that can help people all over the world to communicate with each other. English language is made compulsory in all the schools today in the countries where their own native languages are given utmost importance. This is done keeping in mind that English will fetch the student a career which can make him to get adjusted easily at any place in the world. English language enables you to speak to the foreigners whose native language may not be known by us. To communicate with the foreigners easily, it is better to have the knowledge in English.

Knowing many foreign languages will sharpen your brain activity as words are considered to create strong thoughts. Some people believe that learning many languages will make us live longer. Today, most of the schools have the medium of instruction as English. Till the high school and junior college and under graduation most of the countries have medium of instruction in their national languages or native languages along with English. But, from post-graduation onwards it is highly difficult to have the medium of instruction in native language.

An established scientific study can be named and rewritten in other languages after its discovery or invention by scientists. But, the research currently going on or some of the aspects of the high order research did at the latest can be published in English only. It is highly difficult to carry out the study in the native language at post graduation and at Ph. D level. Studies dealt from schooling till under-graduation carried out in native language is difficult to be shifted abruptly into English medium at the post-graduation level. It has to be done inevitably in English medium. As it is the stage where knowledge has to be shared frequently with everyone in the world in the form of continuous research higher education has to be in English medium. So, it is important to learn English in some part of your life, if not in the childhood.

Learning English will make you to be accepted by everyone in the world and you will have better opportunities in many locations in the world.

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