Why Should Guns Be Banned?

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Guns should be banned in America

Wild shooting that happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut abruptly ended young innocent lives. This is only one among 10,000 senseless shooting deaths that happen every year in this country. Are these not enough good reasons to ban guns?

911 is the number to call during emergency when (a) a crime is in progress; (b) someone suspected of a crime is nearby; (c) there is danger to life; or (d) when violence is being used or threatened.

Ten arguments against guns:

1. Crime prevention is police work-

Every year, people claimed using guns for self defense more than 2 million times; however, this attempt necessarily complicates Police investigation. Civilian ownership of guns compromised the work of the Police who are properly equipped to investigate following the crime’s completion.

2. People lost reliance on the Police and Government if allowed to own guns-

Owning guns creates a wrong belief in what is right. Authority should not be questioned. People must rely that only their good is what authority is after. The good of the citizens is the basis of social order. The absence of guns will help to establish the Order of authorities that results to the good of the individual and society. 

3. Statistics show –

Record shows that about .004 %; that is – 4/1000 of 1% of guns are used in crime each year. This is much too high that all guns should be banned.

4. Guns are unnecessary –

Ninety-eight percent of guns used for civilian defenses, no shots are fired. If you cannot fire a shot, you clearly don’t need a gun. This is a proof that guns are unnecessary as banning them is a good way of preventing unnecessary defenses.

5. Migrants carry guns to cause crimes-

Washington [D.C.] that allows carrying guns is facing violent crime rates that are caused by migrant criminals from gun havens like Virginia. This migration is instigated by the criminal’s cowardly avoidance of householders with arms and civilians carrying concealed weapons. This situation is detrimental to unarmed citizens who are helpless in no gun areas. This risk can be stopped by banning everywhere.

6. Many gun crimes are the work of inner city gangs and drug dealers –

Majority of gun crimes are often committed by geographically restricted and tiny bands that are usually on the rise as bad elements wanted to control certain areas over changes in Drug War. The best option is to stop people everywhere from owning guns.

7. Women have protection from assault, murder and rape ‘“

This is the job of the police who are conducting investigating after the fact. Remember that Police paperwork is an all-round protection every victim really needs.

8. Guns owners are disrespectful to authority-

A good citizen places his trust completely on the authorities. By owning a gun for self-protection is a clear sign of impropriety and an overly independent attitude from authorities. A show of excessive independence from authorities is a bad message to the young.

9. Guns owners are taking the law into their own hands by engaging in self-defense-

This is wrong move as only the Police and Criminals have the right to take the law into their own hands. Guns should be kept out of the hands of citizens.

10. Keep guns away from children and young people ‘“

Kids should not have any dealing with guns. Many are attracted to reel guns as it is the weapon used by their hero on the big screen. Real guns and knowledge about real gun dissolve the fantasies created by violent video games and TV. Ignorance once lost, can never be restored and needs to be protected.

Author: Lourdes Cedeno

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  1. harrison jones

    June 11, 2022 4:42 pm

    This has got to be one of the most stupid and illogical arguments for gun control. “Women have protection from assault, murder and rape”, “This is the job of the police who are conducting investigating after the fact” yeah after they are dead or have already been raped? jesus christ. “Keep guns away from children and young people” the best way to teach someone gun safety is when they are a kid so they don’t grow up and hurt someone by accident. your arguments are so weak it amazes me that this was published


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