Why was Queen Elizabeth important?

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603px-Elizabeth_I_(Armada_Portrait)Why was Queen Elizabeth important?

Elizabeth I was born on 7th September, 1533 at Greenwich palace, London. Queen Elizabeth ruled England from 1558 till 1603. During the period of the Queen’s rule the English became powerful in the World, the Anglican Church was transformed into a formal Church, all the British Isles were integrated into a single nation for the first time. Under her rule, British experienced renaissance.

Queen Elizabeth was a virgin and was immortalized as faerie queen. She remained unmarried as she wanted to convert England into a big nation without the help of a man. Queen Elizabeth was the first and the last protestant ruler from the Tudor family. She ruled for about 45 years and expanded the English empire. She influenced many countries all over the world. Her rule was considered as the golden age of Elizabeth. Great writers like William Shakespeare, Ben Johnson and Christopher Marlowe lived during this period. Under her rule, Francis Drake became the first Englishman to navigate the whole world. Francis Bacon has put forward his philosophical and political opinion. Under the queen’s rule North America was colonized by the English under the Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Humphrey Gilbert.

Queen Elizabeth had efficient counselors with her who often protected her from political and marital catastrophes. She was a decisive ruler. She formulated the ‘Act of Uniformity’ in 1559 and implemented it after she started ruling. She was the first queen to be honored with the title of ‘Supreme Governor of the Church of England,. This title was offered to her though several bishops and public did not want woman to be the head. The queen formulated ‘Act of Supremacy, in 1559. According to this act, she wanted all the public officials to promise that they accepted the control of the sovereign on the Church. If they denied taking the oath they were destined to be punished severely.

She gave an important speech in the Parliament in 1601 and promised that she will bring reforms in the ruling. Elizabeth was very successful in ruling England even after inheriting a big debt from her sister Mary. Elizabeth was able to avoid the Spanish invasion on England. She was important due to many of her achievements discussed above as well as her ability to stop the civil war in England.

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