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Why Do Kids Cut Themselves?

by maureen


Why Do Kids Cut Themselves?

This is a question that has baffled parents for years, the answer lies on the person itself. Self injury or cutting by kids can have a lot of reasons. The most common reason is teen problems. Problems like being bullied rejected, dumped, ridiculed, laughed at, blamed on and the list continues. When kids reach their limit, they are subjected to do things that a normal child wouldn’t even think about doing.

Children when faced with ‘traumatic, experiences are also liable in hurting themselves. When the emotion is too much for them to handle, the only release that they can think of is self injury. Extreme mental anguish and stress can sometimes be forgotten by brief moments of pain. Since the brain release endorphins when we are cut or hurt, the pain outweighs the problems and can sometimes cause a form of addiction. When kids think that ‘it is always their fault, or ‘I hope I wasn’t born, they tend to do it to the extreme, which often results into life threatening scenarios and sometimes even fatalities.

Some expert says that there are also other reasons for this. When a child is looking for attention, they would do anything to make you look at them or care for them. Even in the expense of cutting themselves. This might be an interesting point, when looking at it in a different angle. Parents do care for their child’s welfare and can be over protective when they need to. Some kids seek this kind of attention and comfort. To them a little pain is nothing compared to the rewards that they can get.

Whatever the reasons behind these cuttings, parents should be on the lookout for scars and other visible cuts in their children’s bodies. They should spend more time with their kids and show them how much they love them. Prevention is always better than cure. If you are always there for them when they needed you the most, then the possibility of them cutting themselves would be reduced dramatically.

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