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Why do Men have Nipples?

Why do men have nipples?

It is a big question why men have nipples, when they actually do not serve any purpose. It could be likened to the appendices in our guts and the wisdom tooth that we get. They are there but they actually do not serve any direct purpose in our life.

According to experts, men have nipples because it is something that occurs to each and every human being on the planet, regardless of gender. The nipples have been imprinted into our DNA blueprints the moment we were conceived in our mother’s womb. Thus, whether we get an XX or an XY for our twenty-third pair of chromosomes, we will always have nipples in our breasts.

Theories have also circulated that it could actually be possible that we were all conceived as bisexual beings. This means that we both had male and female reproductive organs during conception but, in time, the organs of the other sex would disappear gradually as we develop in the womb. However, this case is not fully supported because, as we can all see, male nipples are complete blood vessels and nerves that were present in fully developed organs as well.

There have also been many talks about the male being able to produce milk and thus, the presence of nipples. This could possibly be true; after all, all humans are born with mammary glands, which is why we are called mammals. However, there has not been any record in history regarding such a phenomenon and there are only rare cases recorded lately. Besides, the gland that produces milk remains underdeveloped unless there is enough amount of estrogen in the body ┬áthis amount should be similar to that of a mother’s.

Nature can be odd and certain phenomenon can be hard to explain. However, what we all know is that everything has a purpose even the male’s nipples.


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  1. what is the prpose of odd text characters in articles on this site ? i don’t get it and want to know

    • Not everyone is seeing any odd text characters (I am not). It probably is an incompatibility in your browser’s downloaded fonts and/or the inability to accept new ones (restrictive security setting perhaps?).

  2. This explanation shows how most scientists believe things have to have a purpose, and so transform science in a religion. Men have nipples because it is part of their nature. It is not true they don’t serve any purpose, for they play a role in most men’s libido. The truth is that science has chosen to hide important natural facts of nature, like homosexuality, because they are not political correct. It is time for science to stop wasting valuable human resources feeding wrong philosophical practices.

  3. Actually all development in the womb up to a certain point is the same and after a certain point there is sex differentiation. Basically, men and women have the same structures and hormones (estrogen and testosterone) but in differing balances which affect primary and secondary sex characteristics and even vary between persons of the same genders. Sometimes when this development is much more equal, then intersexed persons are produced.

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