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Why Education is Important?

Why education is important?

Education is definitely important for everyone. In order to live in a civilized, spiritualistic and ethical society, all of us need to be educated. Well, why should we live in a society that gives importance to ethics? Yes, it is very important to follow ethics. Broadly speaking, an ethical background involves knowing the limitations of dealing with elders, friends, relatives, with common man, and the government. Being equipped with good ethics is a part of our education.

Education through schools, colleges or any other institution, will fetch us not only the knowledge, but will raise our ability to develop our talents to make use of the knowledge that we have gained. According to me, completing a college education means to gain the eligibility to start leading a successful life.

On the other side, education removes illusions and confusion. but gives us the ability to look at everything with clarity. It builds up our confidence, and allows us to face life boldly. Education makes us face success and failure courageously. Education teaches us to think, and try to reason wisely every question until we are met with an answer. Education opens up a great career for us, with many opportunities to survive in this world. The skills that we gained through education will get us a brilliant career where we can use our expertise to satisfy a company. Education wipes away the wrong beliefs we have. Though schools and colleges form a basic platform for education, our life experiences are better lessons to educate us. So everyone will develop the art of self learning after college. This self learning will help us to lead our life properly. So, one needs to be educated all through his or her life time.

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  1. You know the article catches my attention because it is very informative and i shared this to my daughter

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