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Why is Khat Illegal?

by maureen


Why is Khat Illegal?

Khat is a plant that is native in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The legality of khat is based on the property of other similar plants (Cannabis/Marijuana) that affects a person’s psychological and emotional state of mind. Khat also acts as a stimulant that causes excitement and euphoria. The W.H.O (World Health Organization) also considered Khat as a dangerous plant that can be used and abused. Many believe that it is not really addictive, but the plant is still subjected to abuse.

It is also known as gat, qat, jimma, miraa in different languages. The leaves are chewed and at times used as tea to experience the ‘stimulation, that the plant is well renowned for. The effects are closely linked to the use of the more addictive drugs in the world. It could cause depression, insomnia, hyperactivity and lost of appetite if used for long periods of time. These symptoms can be accompanied by aggressiveness, paranoia and hallucinations.

Due to the potency of the herb, it can also cause damage to the different systems of the body. Which mainly include the circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system and the nervous system. Khat is widely used on the countries that grow the plant. Farmers can get a nice profit in selling khat on the market, so the continuous planting of khat is greatly encouraged by the public.

The use of Khat has been banned on different countries worldwide including the United States.
However, there are some countries that still allows the use and selling of Khat like the UK. To those that are curious on the effects of khat on the body, it is best to leave the plant alone. It might give you the ‘ecstasy, that you are looking for, but continuous use of the plant can cause dire consequences for your body and your state of mind.

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