Why are Gangs Bad?

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Why are Gangs Bad?

There are many reasons why gangs are bad for society, but the main one is that they promote violence to get what they need. Many of them have been around for a long time, but more and more come around each year because old gangs break up and the old members start new ones. They aren’t always the types that attack the innocent, but people still fear them because it is pretty common for civilians to be caught in the middle of gang wars when these happen.

Gangs have been around for a long time and the one thing that hasn’t changed much over time is that they will stop at nothing to defend what they believe is theirs. This is dangerous for everyone else around them because most people who are not involved in gang activities have no idea what the gangs consider to be their property or priority. This unpredictability makes it very easy to understand why gangs in general are feared by the public.

Gangs don’t represent anything that is going to help society as a whole, so there really isn’t any good to say about them at all. Sure, they develop camaraderie, but that camaraderie is not like any other type that you will find around the world. They are willing to defend their other gang members by hurting others even over very insignificant things.

As you can see, gangs are bad no matter how much you break them down. They strike fear in many people who live in their areas for a reason that they want to have as much power as they possibly can. There is no doubt that gangs are going to continue to pop up in the future, but there is a chance that they will be kept under control in a better manner than in the past.

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