Why Does Kissing feel so Good?

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Why Does Kissing feel so Good?

A lot of different factors play into how a kiss feels to people, but for the most part they feel good to people because they mean something positive to them. It is a way of connecting with someone unlike anything else we can do, so in most cases it’s going to feel about as great as anything one can physically feel. Very rarely is a kiss going to be something negative for the people who are sharing it.

Often, a kiss can be a reminder that someone is there for and with you, so it feels good to have that reminder through the touching of lips. People feel safe and connected when they kiss someone because, in a way, they are exposing themselves and allowing themselves to be vulnerable. Yes, there are routine kisses once you know someone for a very long time, but even those mean something when you think back on them.

Another reason why kisses feel so good is that they are often the first step towards having sexual intercourse. The blood is flowing to all of the right places, endorphins are going crazy in the every part of the body, and this results in a body and mind feeling of ecstasy. There is a reason that for every sexual encounter that someone has, starts and ends with a kiss. Most think that this is the most sexual thing that you can do.

What is great about kissing is that no matter who you are, you can experience the great feelings that come with them if you share them with people you care about. It is a beautiful thing and something that we can’t take for granted. Not every kiss is like the first one that you share with someone, but they all have meaning that is very hard to describe.

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