Why do DJs wear masks?

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Some DJs, or dick jockeys, have become celebrities in their own right. Whether some people may like it or not, sometimes it’s not all about the music. The clubbing experience is sometimes more fun and complete with a famous and celebrity DJ around. And to keep up with the hype of DJing, some DJs wear masks as a form of gimmick or publicity stunt.

Masks on DJs create a mysterious look making them more appealing to some people.  This is especially true for upcoming DJs who may have some fans because of the music and want to acquire more of them by means of wearing masks.  In this example, DJs might use the mask to make them stand out from any other DJ. The mask could also be part of a marketing gimmick to let people know that the DJ’s identity should remain some kind of a mystery while they just continue to have fun and enjoy the music.  Masks will also serve as an image tool for DJs who want to project something to their fans.  If a particular DJ, for example, wants to cover up part of his face to give some teasing to his/her fans, wearing a mask could be the best thing to do.

Some DJs also use masks as a form of disguise.  This is quite applicable to the famous and those that reach celebrity status. To take advantage of their popularity, some DJs may play a gimmick or stunt by asking someone else to play his/her type of music at first before eventually showing him/herself to the crowd.  The dummy DJ may wear a mask and/or costumes that could resemble the actual DJ, and this could tease the crowd and let them wonder if their favorite DJ is already playing the music.  Although this particular move could backfire, the mask-wearing stunt is still attempted by many DJs.


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