Why Do Muslims Use Prayer Mats?

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Why Do Muslims Use Prayer Mats?

Muslims are known to be one of the most disciplined and united religion across the globe. Disciplined in a way that they give due important to the laws and they strictly oblige to the rules of their religion. This is indeed a very respectable religion and people.

Muslims are also united in a way that they can come as one with their beliefs and their faith in god. However, Muslims do have a strange way of praying because they have to make use of mat once they pray. This can be very strange especially for people who also have different belief and different powerful god.

Muslims usually prays with a mat because they need to make sure that they are praying in a clean and sanitized way. Nonetheless, praying with a mat for Muslim people is not obligatory. They may also pray without it as long as they are certain that the place they will pray is clean.

Cleanliness that is considered for Muslim prayer does not literally concern visible and usual dirt. It concerns najis or the things that can make the place ritually unclean. Muslims have strong faith in their god and praying or communicating with their god while they are dirty or the place they will pray is dirty.

Mats are also important for Muslims while they are praying so they can’t get dirty while they pray. If by chance you are not aware, the way that Muslims pray is completely different to the way other people or other religion prays. This is another main reason why they have to make use of mats.

Some Muslims also believe that prayer mats are direct connection between themselves and their beloved god. They believe that praying in a prayer mat can put them in a direct line towards communicating with their god.

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