Why Do Adults Like Beer?

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Why Do Adults Like Beer?

Adults are commonly known for drinking beer whenever and wherever the mood hits them. Of course, not all adults drink beer. Drinking beer is considered as a favorite past time among ‘Men, and at most cases some women also drink beer. Beer in general, refers to any alcoholic beverages that a person drinks. The drink is created by ‘brewing and malting, of grains, water and yeast. Drinking beer can be healthy to the body if moderation is used. Beer helps to lower the risk of certain heart disease and increase bone density. It also promotes good blood circulation and speeds up metabolism.

When you ask people why they drink beer, they will tell you a number of reasons. Some of them use beer as a stress reliever. They say that it helps them forget their problems (for a while) and controls their mood. At times they drink it to look cool and mature (showing off) to other people. The most common reason among young adults is ‘peer pressure,. When your friends are drinking beer, it is only natural for you to join them.

Everything in excess can have complications, beers is definitely not an exemption. A person that has been overly drunk can be very aggressive and be easily annoyed at times. These mood swings can cause harm to other people if moderation is not applied. Beer in excess could also cause vomiting and could be a nuisance to those around you. It can even lead to death because beer kills weak cells on the body. These include the cells on your brain, liver and even your nerves.

Beer addiction or over dependence on beer can be a serious hazard to the body. Continuous consumption will mean continuous deterioration of your health which will eventually lead to death. Drinking Beer is OK and actually Healthy, just make sure you know that there is a limit to everything.

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