Why Does Brad Pitt have a Beard?

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Why Does Brad Pitt have a Beard?

Now, this is a question that I am sure a lot of the ladies out there have wondered about for the past few years regarding one of the biggest superstars in Hollywood and probably one of the most famous and influential people in the last half century. I am not afraid to say that Brad Pitt is pretty much the pinnacle of male looks and, somehow, has the acting chops to back it up, but I have also wondered why he decided a few years ago to start sporting that crazy bushy beard he has going on.

I do not believe that anyone outside of his family and circle of friends knows for sure what he is doing by choosing to wear such a scraggly beard that covers up the face that made him famous in the first place, but I do have a couple theories that might make a little bit of sense. First of all, maybe he got sick of being looked at as a sex object and only being revered for his good looks and wanted people to focus on his other qualities. Hence, he grew a crazy long beard to sway the attention elsewhere.

Secondly, and probably the most obvious, maybe he really just likes the way it looks and likes the fact that he does not have to get up every single day and shave like the rest of us. I think he has certainly earned the right to wear his facial hair any way that he wants to. He is an incredible humanitarian who has done wonders for this world through his financial generosity and ability to distract people from their everyday miseries with his lovable characters on the big screen.

Regardless of what the real meaning behind that bush he has growing on his face, the fact of the matter is it is there and will be there until he decides to shave it. Nobody, except maybe his gorgeous wife, will be able to make that decision for him, but himself. Until that time comes, leave it alone and get a life.

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  1. Tawny Haran

    September 3, 2010 10:37 am

    I do like his humanitarian spirit that Brad Pitt possesses like the affortable homes that he is having built in New Orleans, Louisiana for the victims of the hurricane Katrina disaster


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