Why Does Brick Whisper to himself?

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Why Does Brick Whisper to himself?

The hit TV show, The Middle, is one of the more popular shows to come around in quite a few years. The two main characters in the show, which are played by Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn, have some of the best on screen chemistry that I have ever seen before. Heaton is best known for her role as Debra in Everybody Loves Raymond and Flynn is well known for his role as the janitor in the hugely popular comedy series, Scrubs. These two combined make for some classic comedic moments and a really fun show to watch.

The character that has started to get a lot more screen time in recent episodes has been Brick, who is the quirky son of Heaton and Flynn. He is extremely intelligent, but also very, very strange. He kind of reminds me of the character, Dewey, who was the youngest son on the popular show, Malcolm in the Middle, who is very quirky in his own right, but does not really have the best set of social skills out there.

Brick is often seen whispering to himself or talking to people that are not actually there. I have often wondered just what that means because it has yet to be explained in the show. I always figured he was talking to some sort of imaginary friend or something, but it turns out that he is just talking to himself and it is as simple as that. It is hilarious to watch, though, so I think it was a funny addition to someone’s character.

The Middle is one of the best shows on TV right now and I have been a big fan since it first aired. All of the characters gel very well and seem quite original. Brick really does stand out as the most original child character that I think I have ever seen before and he , as he grows older, will probably find himself in many more roles.

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  1. dolores

    February 24, 2015 3:17 pm

    I think Brick is cute.I never heard of any boy having the name Brick or whispering to their own chest or saying whoop.I always wondered what was wrong with him. Of all those Heck kids I’d rather have Brick! That Sue gets on my nerves with that screaming & no kid is that happy all the time.


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