Why do unlock codes cost money?

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Many people all over the world have their own mobile phones which are used for various communication needs. Some people are so attached to their cellphones because of the demands of their everyday lives whether at home, at school, or in the office. With mobile phones becoming a necessity, some people clamor for seemingly better or improved services from their respective telecommunications company or network. The only concern is that many mobile phones are locked to a specific telco or network provider. This simply means that people cannot easily switch from one mobile or network provider to another. In order to switch to another network, a person may need to have his/her phone ‘unlocked’ which may cost quite a lot depending on various situations. Many people assume that they only need unlock codes for their phones in order to switch networks and this process is so easy that they think that the service should be offered at minimal amounts. In reality though, to buy an unlock code for one’s mobile phone may be very expensive. When the experts are asked on the subject, the basic reason is that the people that do the unlocking of the actual phone are telecom professionals and they need to be paid what they are due. For these experts, buying an unlock code comes with the potential for harm to the mobile phone software and so only professionals are to be sought for these purposes. Buying the codes from them is then expected to cost so much more when compared to getting codes from unknown sources.

Another reason for the expensive purchase of phone-unlock codes is the labor and the tools needed for the service. Labor cost translates to the number of hours rendered by professionals in terms of research and decoding a specific mobile phone. These same professionals also need to secure expensive equipment and tools to get the right unlock codes for specific brands of mobile phones.

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