Why is Family important to society?

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Why is Family important to society?

A family is the basic unit of society in a certain community. It is defined as a group of people living together due to consanguinity, affinity or co-residence. Although the term is used as a reference of a unit by which a common bond is established, the basic definition of such term is simply as a group of related individuals bonded together under one roof. The most common of picture of a typical family is consisting of a father, a mother and their children. Despite its variation in types, there is only one primary function that a family must perform, and that function is to biologically and socially produce and reproduce persons.
In today’s modern era, the concept of a family is somewhat in a blur. Most couples, who are almost always tangled in arguments, cannot find a decent way of fixing things, that they end up getting a divorced or getting separated within each other’s consent. In this type of scenario, the consequences end up being faced by children, who are innocent and who get tied up of making decisions as to who to stay with. How one stands in a society is greatly due to the family that stands behind that person. The family is important in a society because it serves as the core foundation of one’s personal growth, character and individuality. The values, beliefs and personality is rooted the family one is surrounded with. As from giving one an identity, the family is the first school a person attends to and the parents are the first teachers that a child gets to encounter. It is through the family that one learns the important values of respect, humility, love and understanding. That is why a family is important to the society.

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