Why is Gothic Literature popular?

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Why is Gothic literature popular?

Gothic literature combines the elements of romance and horror. Gothic literature originated in the Western and Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages. Gothic deals mostly with human emotions such as love, despair, and horror. One of the most popular Gothic literatures is The Castle of Otranto in 1764 by Horace Walpole.
In gothic literature, the settings used are haunted mansions, dungeons, castles and deals with characters of witches, magicians, royalty, vampires, sorcerers, etc. The plot also centers on romantic mysteries incorporating the medieval times
Gothic Literature is popular because of its intriguing tales. There is mystery and terror which the people of different ages love to read. Horror and romance can also be a good combination to arouse the excitement and thrill in the story. The supernatural events are also very interesting to read because it is different from what people expect from the reality.
Gothic literature makes use of different characters for the villain. There is more horror, anger, curses, and secrets which make the story more compelling to nerve-wracking. It also features medieval times which has the richest culture because of the paintings, architecture, and the ruins.
Gothic literature is also the choice of many because of the vampire characters. Vampires are considered to be mysterious and people are getting curious to know more about their existence and survival. The inexplicable events, supernatural powers, omens, prophecies, and overwrought emotion make gothic literature as exciting as it can be.
Now, there are a lot of books and movies being patterned from Gothic literature. There is Harry Potter, Twilight, and a lot more. Having this kind of stories attract people to read the stories and watch the movies. Humans have this curiosity to things which do not exist so the only way to stimulate this interest is to read Gothic literature.

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