Why is WII Light yellow?

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Why is WII Light yellow?

Wii is one of the most popular home video consoles today, which was invented by Nintendo. Released last November 19, 2006, this seventh generation game console innovated by Nintendo has proven to have broader demographic features. The most distinct feature of Wii is its wireless controller that allows users to manipulate and control any desired feature at a quite long distance. Originally coded as Revolution, the game console got its current name, Wii, after the Nintendo Lifestyle Guide referred to it as such. After its initial launching, subsequent releases were made to various parts of the world. And as of the current statistics, more that 70 million units were sold all over different countries of the world. As Nintendo’s smallest game console, it provides more convenience and efficiency compared to other game consoles sold in the market. It has a large space for memory storage and it allows users to “Live with it, sleep with it, eat with it, move along with it and hopefully they’ll arrive at the same place” as quoted by the former Vice President of Corporate Affairs Perrin Kaplan.
Because of Wii’s advanced adaptation of technology, there are some queries being raised by its users. One of the questions raised is on the reason behind the yellow light on the power button. Several users have noticed this. The reason why wii turns in light yellow is because the game console is connected to the Internet. The yellow indicates that the WiiConnect24, one of Wii’s features, is being activated and the unit is in standby mode instead of being completely off. If users don’t desire for this occur, there are instructions on how to change such setting.
As a competitor with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3, Wii continues its reign.

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