Why is xbox better than PS3?

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Why is xbox better than PS3?

For video game fanatics, Xbox and PS3 are two of the popular names in game console world. While Xbox was manufactured by Microsoft in 2005 (Xbox 360), PS3 or Play Station 3, was manufactured by Sony in the year 2006. Xbox and PS3 often create a debate whether which of the two has the best features and configurations as a game console. Although both Xbox and PS3 have their own pros and cons, it seems that Xbox has a lot more pros in terms of graphics, bandwidth, number of games, and its market value as compared to its rival the PS3.


Graphics is one of the features that video game players really look forward to in a game console. Aside from having an eye-popping graphics, the game console should be able to handle complex graphics and Xbox proved to win this category. Xbox 360 is installed with Xenos GPU which is better than PS3’s RSX GPU. As a result, the gaming experience in Xbox 360 is more visually appealing.


Bandwidth is also important to video game players nowadays specially with the introduction of the internet. Xbox 360 has a 278.4 GB per second system bandwidth as compared to PS3’s bandwidth of only 48 GB per second. A higher bandwidth means a better performance in online gaming that makes Xbox the better game console compared to its contender.

Number of Games

The number of available games that can be played between Xbox and PS3 also differ. Xbox offer a lot more games, ‘good games,, as compared to PS3. This was possible because Xbox 360 was launched first than PS3 giving it a head start in game development.

Market Value

In terms of pricing, Microsoft’s Xbox is a lot lighter in the pocket as compared to Sony’s PS3 which catch the attention of the majority of the video game players that are in a tight budget.

With all this attributes taken into consideration, it is clear why Xbox is a must buy over its competitor.

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